Guitars and Prime Rib House Concert and Dinner December 23rd, 2012–6pm to 10pm

It’s Sunday night the 23rd of December.  Family and friends are gathering for Christmas and lots of food has been made for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  “I’m starving.  Let’s go out and get something to eat and then go somewhere” one slow thinker said.

“Don’t worry it’s all taken care of” said the deep thinker.  “What do you mean?” said the slow thinker.   The deep thinker said, “We’re all going over to Uncle Bill’s Music Barn at 6pm for a fabulous dinner and some great music.”  The slow thinker’s thoughts got even slower but he was able to say, “What fabulous dinner and great music are you talking about?”

The deep thinker took a deep breath and said,  “We have reservations at Uncle Bills for a catered dinner serving Prime rib, Chicken breast, and Portobello mushrooms; with salad, roasted potatoes, green beans, and desert, coffee and tea (BYOB)!   There will also be three musicians playing who were awarded prizes at the West Texas Folk Festival: Phlip Coggins, the Best Performer; Daniel Fluitt, the Best Songwriter; and Charlie Stout, the Best Entertainer.  This will be the premier event of the weekend before Christmas.”   The slow thinker asked “How many seats did you reserve?”  The deep thinker said, “I reserved a table for six at $25.00 a head.”  “Wow” said the slow thinker.

That’s right folks, we’re opening up for one night to feature the contest winners for your enjoyment and it’s only $25 per person to cover the food.  It will be a catered, sit down dinner with a concert attached.

For reservations email or call Silas at 806-535-6290.

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